About Us

It is our mission to help you grow

Wicked Lead is a marketing company that will not sell you a bull shit service useless service like SEO or website design. we have been in business for years now. Which means we know the nukes and crannies of home improvement jobs. And as such, nothing is new to us about how you want things done. Over the years of being in business, we have been able to render our services flawlessly by providing leads for thousands of home improvement contractors irrespective of their area of specialization.

Instead, we will focus on the end results:

  • Get your company leads
  • Make sure you get in front of the right customer
  • Close Deals

We have everything a small business needs to grow from design to marketing and we do it all for you.

All you need to do is sit back give us your business information and we do all the work. Since we do all the work it will free up your time so you can deal with your business

the best leads on the market!

We Bring You Exclusive Leads Daily!

Whether you are in construction, legal, or in real estate we can provide you with leads!

  • Exclusive home improvement leads
  • Lawyer Leads
  • Legal Leads
  • Automotive Leads
  • & Much More!
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