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  • In business since 2017
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We can generate leads in Any City or Neighborhood in any part of the United States!
At Wicked Lead we can supply upwards of 100 leads a month.
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We work directly with you to target the customers you are most interested in working with.

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About Us

  • When it comes to generating construction leads across the United States and Canada, wicked leads has no equal. With about 3000 construction and home improvement leads generated on a monthly basis, we are the only company that can help you with marketing needs.

  • Unlike other companies that generate leads for contractors. What we aim to achieve is your growth as a contractor. To prove that, we have a package that doesn’t charge our new contractors a penny for the first five leads that will be given to them by use. If you are still not satisfied with our construction leads after making payments, you are sure to get your money back. With our 100% money back guarantee, you can request for a refund if you are not satisfied. Isn’t this indeed a sign of good faith that we are ready to serve and not to rule?

  • With Wicked Leads time of being a source of construction leads for many home improvement contractors, we know how difficult it is to come across customers and set up a meet-up. Which is why we are here to make things easier for you. At wicked leads, we can generate and supply upwards of 100 construction leads or more every month in your local area, making us one of the best when it comes to the supply of construction leads. And the good thing about us is that, each and every construction lead being sent to you is exclusively yours and they are never sent to anyone else.

What Other Contractors Say About Us?

Wicked Lead got us 32 appointments in the first 5 days of working with them. We ended up having a record week.
Bob @ Five Star Roofing
London, ON
For the most part, I've had a very small amount of leads come from the internet with other companies, maybe 1 or 2 per month.

With myhomeimprovementleads, things are very different. We're getting about 18 to 20 good quality residential remodeling leads per month.
The price per lead is way less than direct mail, and we get way more than we could with word of mouth."
Mark @ Reno Industries
Toronto, ON